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You can either upload, paste or drop your CSR file to decode its contents.

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Instantly decode your CSR with our online tool. Drag and drop your CSR file or select it from your device. View detailed information about your CSR in seconds.

What is a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a block of encoded text that is given to a Certificate Authority (CA) when applying for an SSL Certificate. It includes information such as the organization’s name, domain name, locality, and country.

How does the CSR Decoder work?

Our CSR Decoder tool processes the CSR you upload or paste, extracting and displaying the detailed information contained within. This includes the organization’s name, domain name, locality, country, and more.

Why should I decode my CSR?

Decoding your CSR allows you to verify its details, ensuring it’s correctly generated and contains the correct information before submission to a Certificate Authority (CA).

What information will I get after decoding my CSR?

After decoding, you will receive detailed information such as:

  • Organization Name: The name of the organization applying for the SSL Certificate.
  • Domain Name: The domain name for which the SSL Certificate is being applied.
  • Locality: The city or town where the organization is located.
  • Country: The country where the organization is located.
  • Public Key: The public key associated with the CSR.
  • Signature Algorithm: The algorithm used to sign the CSR.

Is my uploaded CSR safe?

Yes, your uploaded CSR is safe with us. We do not store any CSRs you upload or paste. The decoding process happens in real-time, and no data is saved on our servers.

Learn More About CSRs

Importance of CSRs

CSRs are crucial for obtaining an SSL Certificate. They contain important information that is required by the Certificate Authority to issue an SSL Certificate. Ensuring the correctness of your CSR is essential for the smooth issuance of the SSL Certificate.

How to Generate a CSR

Generating a CSR can be done using various tools and software such as OpenSSL, your web server’s control panel, or online CSR generation tools. Make sure to provide accurate information while generating the CSR to avoid any issues during the SSL Certificate issuance process.