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Generate secure SSH keys with a single click. Easily copy or download your new keys directly from this tool in either PPK or PEM format.

Example Commands to Generate SSH Keys

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -f ~/example_rsa

ssh-keygen -t ecdsa -b 256 -f ~/example_ecdsa

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -f ~/example_ed25519

What are SSH Keys?

SSH keys are a pair of security keys used to log into a server securely, without using a password. They provide a safer way to access your server by creating a unique cryptographic key pair. There are two keys:

  • Public Key: This key can be shared with others and is used to encrypt data.
  • Private Key: This key is kept secret and is used to decrypt data. It should never be shared with anyone.

Using SSH keys is more secure than using passwords because they are virtually impossible to guess or crack. This helps protect your server from hackers trying to gain unauthorized access.

Types of SSH Keys

There are several types of SSH keys you can generate, each with different features and security levels:

  • RSA: RSA keys are the most common type of SSH keys. They are widely supported and can have different key sizes (e.g., 2048-bit, 4096-bit). RSA keys are known for their strong security.
  • ECDSA: ECDSA keys use elliptic curve cryptography and are faster and more efficient than RSA keys. They are recommended for systems where performance is a concern.
  • ED25519: ED25519 keys are a newer type of SSH key. They are very secure and efficient, making them a good choice for modern systems.

What is the SSH Key Generator Tool?

This SSH Key Generator Online tool is a free and simple tool that helps you create SSH key pairs easily. You can use this tool to generate both the public and private keys you need for secure server access. Importantly, the keys you generate are not saved on the tool's server, so your private key stays safe. This tool makes it easy for anyone to improve their server security without needing to know a lot about computers.

Use Cases of SSH Key Generator

This SSH Key Generator tool is useful in many situations:

  • Server Management: If you manage servers or networks, this tool helps you set up secure access to your servers, making them safer from unauthorized access.
  • Development: For developers, it allows you to connect securely to remote code repositories and servers, keeping your work safe.
  • Freelancing: Freelancers and remote workers can use it to safely connect to clients' servers, ensuring their data stays private.
  • Personal Projects: Whether you're working on personal projects or in a professional setting, this tool makes securing your connections simple and effective.